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Instagram reels are the perfect way for consumers to get a behind-the-scenes into your brand. With over 2 billion people interacting with Instagram reels every month, it is important to know how to improve the reach of your reels. Instagram’s unexpected algorithm changes can make it hard to know if your content is up to date or reaching the right people. Not sure your target audience is? Read “How 3 Different Generations are Using Social Media”.

By having a concrete social media strategy, you will have a better understanding of the content you should be producing. Try incorporating some of these tips to help grow your reach.


Using trending music in the background is the easiest way to increase the reach of your reels. With competing apps like TikTok having coined the short audio/video trend, these popular sounds inevitably transfer to Instagram. Instagram also has a “featured” section to give you a better understanding of what is trending.

Although there are commercial music limitations and copyright concerns, finding the right music may be a time-consuming task but it’s certainly not impossible. A great way to find audios that are suitable is by getting inspiration from other brands by exploring the reels tab. Typically, the audio plays a large part in any trend, so to stay more up to date check out the best trending reels.


Just like the photos you post, use hashtags to gain even more traction for your reels. For the best reach it is important to use descriptive and accurate hashtags to describe your content. By using hashtags, you are helping the algorithm accurately share that client with people interested in that topic.

Depending on what your reel is providing, it can be helpful to do research on popular hashtags at the time. Reels can include up to 30 hashtags, providing more than enough room for a mix of both insightful and popular hashtags. For a more in depth explanation of the hashtags you should be using, check out this helpful article.


Making your reels visually appealing is one of the most important factors to expanding your exposure. By using Instagram’s filters and camera effects, you are more likely to keep the viewers engaged and get a boost in the algorithm. Filters and effects are not the only way to be visually appealing, try getting creative with the content you produce. Make sure to include a clear CTA (call to action), they need to know why they should be visiting your page or buying your product.

Consumers want to see new content, not refurbished. Avoid reposting older videos from other platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, or Facebook. Instagram confirmed that low quality reels and videos that contain logos or watermarks make the experience unsatisfying, leading them to make that content less discoverable.

Instagram reels can be a great tool for helping your small business. With helpful tools like reels analytics and scheduling reels, it is easier than to increase your reach. Need help getting started, we have a team ready. Contact Ezer today for a free social media audit!

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