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The holiday season is here! This time of the year is a great opportunity for small businesses to advertise their services and get a great head start for the New Year. The holidays are a time where many are looking to find a Christmas gift for someone (or themselves!) and to set some new year resolutions that will improve their wellbeing. If you are a small business offering services, read on to learn about 3 ways your business can successfully market this holiday season!


The new year is a time where people “start fresh” or try something new, so your marketing techniques should use that to your advantage. You should market in a way to convince your audience that your services are worth investing in to help them achieve their New Year goals. Focus on the benefits that your unique services would bring to the table. Get Found First provides a great example of this, “In-home care providers might post about the benefits families gain from hiring in-home care for their elderly loved ones during the holiday to help generate business.” Of course, the benefits will differ based on your services, but connecting the benefits to the holidays is a great way to generate business.


People love free stuff! If a potential client has been eyeing your business but has been hesitant, promoting a bonus add-on may be the key to unlocking that client. If your business charges by the hour, you could throw in an extra hour for free if they meet a certain requirement. Or if your business offers packages at different price points, you could upgrade their package for a smaller fee if they purchase it by a certain date. Give-aways are also a great way to gain attention and reach more people. The possibilities are endless! Do what works best for your business. Offering holiday deals will make your current and potential clients feel special, which will ultimately lead them to working with you.


When offering services, most potential clients go searching for reviews, whether that’s on Google, your business’ website, or social media pages. Reviews are truly so important, not only for potential clients, but for the business to know how they're doing. Encourage your current and past clients to write a review if they were satisfied with your work. These should be easily found on your website and Google. If you want to take it a step further, posting reviews on social media will allow for even more people to why they should choose your business in the new year.


As this year comes to a close and the new year begins, having a marketing plan set in place will help your business end the year on a good note. Marketing is always important, but especially during the busy holiday season when you need to be strategic in everything you do. Don't know where to start? That's where we come in!

Ezer Digital Consulting is here to help you with all of your holiday and post-holiday marketing needs. Contact us to learn more about how we can help end your year strong!

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