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A SOFT PLACE TO LAND: How Landing Pages Can Save Money for Your Business

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

You may have heard this term thrown around in marketing meetings or perhaps as fellow business owners are discussing the launch of their new product. This quick read gives you a comprehensive look at how landing pages will positively impact your business!


If your website is a train, landing pages are the different platforms or stations that people wait on before they enter your website. These smaller sites can have many functions, but typically are not dynamic in themselves (i.e. they are a single page with one function).

The most overarching function for landing pages is to act as a lead form, asking consumers to give information for content!


1. Opt-in page

Companies use opt-in pages to get information out of the consumer. These typically "contain convincing copy about the offer and a form that is simple to find and to fill out. Most companies will use content marketing and gated information (only accessible after giving over information) to grow email lists or survey their customer base.

2. Long-form landing pages

If you have a lot of upfront information to give a client, then the long-form landing page may be a good choice. Carolyn Adler explains, "They focus on the benefits of the product, and they repeat the benefits over and over until the reader is convinced that they have to purchase what the business is offering. The long-form landing page explains every part of the offer to the visitor.”

Acting as an informational sell, these landing pages are best paired with an upsell of sorts, so that the customer is getting more information as the price of the product increases.

3. Click-through landing page

This is the most "funnel-like" of all the pages, providing people with enough information to click one button to a page where they can convert to a customer. These should focus on the value proposition of the product or service, along with general overviews. Because there are no other clicking options on the page, these do not need to be extensive or contain tons of content.

4. Product details landing page

A product details page is quite self-explanatory; located within the main website, these pages typically offer all of the product information and details, as well as give the customer an option to purchase or engage further. We don't often consider these as separate landing pages, but they are used on websites with both low and ultra-high traffic like

5. Video landing page

A video landing page takes the place of the traditional video ad, and can be a good way to gain user information by gating the content behind a contact form! This can also be a great way to show tactical use of or create hype for the product that the consumer is about to have the option of buying.


Because you can use your existing website to house your landing page, you will be able to save in overall costs. We all know that the last thing you want to spend money on is a landing page to funnel customers to different places, that is why keeping everything connected to your site is often the simplest and cheapest option!

Want to add a landing page to your website? We can help! Contact us.

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