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Updated: May 23, 2023

Imagine trying to run a business without a calendar or any sort of structure. You would still have to schedule meetings, meet deadlines, and have an effective business plan in place. Seems nearly impossible, right? So then why would you try to run your social media accounts without the same tool?

Social media is powerful and when used correctly, it can do amazing things for your business. Having a structured plan in place will ensure that your social media platforms are performing well and benefiting your business. There are several great options for content calendars such as Loomly, HootSuite, or even just Google Sheets! Regardless of the platform used, what is most important is that you have a social media plan in place!

Let's dive into some of the advantages of planning out your social media posts and using a content calendar.


Sometimes it can feel like there is not enough time in the day to check everything off of your to-do list. Who wants to spend half of their day trying to come up with a clever Instagram post when they have other, more important things to do? Planning out your social media on a social media calendar will keep all of your future posts, captions, and hashtags all in one place. It will be much easier to see an overview of what days you want to post, what time you want to post, and what exactly you will be posting. It will always be in one spot so you never have to wonder if you accidentally posted something before it was ready or missed a post that needed to be uploaded on a certain day.


We have all heard “consistency is key” and that phrase especially applies to social media! The majority of social media algorithms greatly favor consistent content and are more likely to push your content to your target audience if you are consistent.

Remember, consistency and frequency are not the same thing! You do NOT want to be randomly posting content “whenever you feel like it.” This will not perform as well as content that is thoroughly thought out and planned ahead.



Running a business requires a lot of tracking and feedback and that definitely applies to social media as well. You are going to want to track your posts to see how they are performing. Doing this will allow you to make any needed adjustments and allow for improvement. There are a few factors to consider when evaluating performance:

  • The platform you will be posting on. Establishing the platforms you are going to use (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, etc.) should be based on your target audience. Every platform may not work for every business!

  • The type of content being posted. All platforms are different! As an example, a reel you post on Instagram may not do well on Facebook due to the different age brackets of people on the two platforms. Monitoring what type of content does well on certain platforms will be much easier to track if all posts are accounted for in a social media calendar. It makes it easy to go back and view those posts and compare the data.

  • Tracking when content is being posted. Based on the platform you use, there are often certain times where studies show it is better to post. As an example, Influencer Marketing Hub analyzed over 100,000 TikTok posts globally and found these results:

Pretty cool, right? The same concept goes for all social media platforms, you just have to do some research to decide when you should be posting. These studies provide a good starting point for your business’ social media posting times, but you should adjust as needed based on your posts performance.

If you are a business looking to take social media seriously and don't know where to start, we’ve got you covered! We can help you decide what social media platform(s) you should be using and even help you create content! Contact us to learn more about how Ezer can help you step up your social media game!

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