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How to Market Christian Values Over the Holidays

More and more, the truth of Christmas seems to get lost under the noise of things like decorations, shopping for gifts, traditions, or even the business of the season itself. While these things are not bad, they can distract from the true meaning of Christmas. There has been a pivotal shift in America from Christmas being a religious holiday to a holiday centered in consumerism. 92% of the US population claims to celebrate Christmas for religious, cultural, or other reasons.

Not everyone celebrates Christmas from a biblical perspective so it is important to make sure all publics feel included. Think about the values of your brand and your customers when creating your marketing strategy this season. As a business, it may seem daunting to market Christian values over the holidays, but here are a few practical ways to start.


When you say, “Happy Holidays,” it includes everyone, so it is a safe choice. But, there are people who think that the greeting pushes Christmas aside, while some people appreciate the inclusivity. Many people love hearing Merry Christmas, especially when bigger corporations have turned to Happy Holidays. It is important to know your audience in this circumstance to make the best decision for your business!


Another idea is to use some biblical messages surrounding Christmas to share truth with your audience. For example, using “peace on earth and goodwill to men” or “joy to the world” are easy ways to subtly reference Christianity without pushing it on your customers.

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