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BeReal has taken social media by storm, challenging the constant demand for perfection online by prompting users to post authentic snapshots of their daily lives. At a different time each day, BeReal asks users to take a picture of whatever they are doing at that specific moment and post it for all their followers to see. The app discourages curated content by penalizing users if they choose to post a BeReal after the designated time slot. This concept is essentially the exact opposite of what we see on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, where users post edited and perfected versions of themselves to portray an inauthentic image to the public.

BeReal’s success is partly due to how it allows users to relax and “take the edge off” on social media. Users enjoy not having to think long and hard about the content they publish before they decide to make it visible to the world. In the wake of the app’s unprecedented success, users upload screenshots of BeReal posts and more authentic content to various social media platforms, straying away from their once-curated and crafted posting methods. This poses an important question: is BeReal changing how we post on social media?

The short answer is yes. While social media is constantly changing on its own, there are a few key aspects of social media that BeReal has strongly altered. One of these is the relationship between a user and their followers. BeReal has opened the door for strengthened connections and relationships by allowing followers to view authentic posts that provide genuine insight into the life of the person they follow. This lets followers feel closer to a user as they are let in on details that are typically only portrayed to close friends and family. This change in the follower-user relationship has generated a demand for closeness and authenticity on social media, which brands must consider when positioning themselves to their followers. Now that users know they can experience a new level of closeness online, they stay away from following accounts that remain too sterile or out of touch. In order to maintain a following and attract new followers, ensure your brand stays authentic and relational throughout your content.

BeReal has also changed how users feel others must view their online presence. When BeReal first came on the social media scene, many users were hesitant to let others know that their lives weren’t as entertaining as their curated Instagram accounts may have made them seem. BeReal’s demand for in-the-moment authenticity meant that many users had to post that they were doing nothing interesting at all, which made users uncomfortable at first. However, once users realized that most of their friends on BeReal weren’t doing anything interesting either, users began to prefer this atmosphere of authenticity to their previous curated content. This user preference influences marketing as well. When a brand posts on social media, users often feel unconnected with the image of perfection displayed through the brand’s content. Giving followers a look inside the more mundane aspects of your brand will leave them with a new appreciation for your brand’s willingness to forgo a traditional social media approach and be more authentic.

To stay relevant with consumers, producing genuine content when marketing your brand on social media is essential. Let Ezer help by contacting us today for a free audit of your brand’s social media accounts to get started on creating the most effective marketing plan!

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