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Social media is unique in the fact that it varies from platform-to-platform, and content you see on one platform won't necessarily be on another. However, there is one thing that all platforms have in common: unique trends… and Instagram is no different!

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms across the globe and is constantly evolving, changing, and establishing the latest trends for people to keep up with. Currently, there are 4 Instagram trends that are performing well and can help you and your small business stay relevant on such a populated platform.

1 - Reels

With TikTok leading the way, other social media platforms have been working hard to create similar features that can compete. Instagram Reels are a great way to “go viral” and reach accounts you may have never reached before. Reels allow for you to use a popular sound and post a vertical 15-second video. Instagram has really shown users that they favor reels, and are likely to push these out to accounts on the explore page or in their feed as “suggested” content.

2 - Link Stickers

Link stickers are currently one of the best ways for anyone on the platform to direct their audience to an external link. Prior to 2021, there was a “swipe up” feature where accounts with 10,000+ followers could include a link in an instagram story. Luckily, Instagram did away with this feature and replaced it with a link button where accounts of all sizes can include a link in their Instagram story. Pretty cool, right? This is a great tool for small businesses to use in linking their website, newest blog post, newsletter sign-up form, or even their latest product!

3 - "Add-Yours" Stickers

Similar to link stickers, “Add Yours” stickers are one of Instagram's biggest trends at the moment. This feature is unique to Instagram and allows you to create a prompt and then post a picture to it on your story. Anyone who views your story can click on the prompt and upload their own photo response to the prompt. This is a great way to boost story views, engagement, and to have some fun!

4 - In-App Shopping

Instagram has made it super easy for users to shop on the platform and for businesses to post their products. Businesses and creators can create their own digital storefront that allows anyone to browse through items and easily purchase. It may seem like it would be easier to shop on a regular website, but research shows that 130 million people shop on Instagram or have at least interacted with the shopping feature due to its convenience. Instagram has simplified the buying process by

  • Offering inspiration-to-purchase without leaving the app

  • Purchasing directly from any part of the app (Lives, Reels, stories, feed)

  • Saving your card information for a faster checkout

Whether you decide to sharpen your Reel skills, use a trendy sticker, or open a digital storefront, Instagram is a great platform to utilize when looking to promote and grow your business. If you are not sure where to start, Ezer can help you produce Reels, create stories to use stickers, or help you set up your Instagram Shop! Contact us today.

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