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Recently, AI has been one of the most talked about topics. Some entertainment

sources have painted AI in a bad light. In TV shows, movies, books, and on social media, it is portrayed as if AI will be the end to human created art and may actually take over the world. In reality, many small businesses have been discovering how AI can be beneficial for their business, design, and online presence needs.

AI can assist small businesses with automating repetitive tasks, allowing people who would otherwise be in charge of endless assignments to be utilized in other ways. In addition, it can help in the creative process of forming new ideas. On average, content creators and marketers spend an average of 82% of their time on weekly content creative tasks. This includes research for keywords, optimization of SEO, promotion and distribution, and topic selections. This would

only leave a few hours left for all other responsibilities including the vital ones such as managing the company and developing strategies.

So what are the ways AI can help small businesses by redeeming time for content marketing?

Detect and Respond to Market Changes

Aside from saving time and effort for employees, AI can help gain a competitive

edge over other small business competitors. Being able to easily recognize

trends and changes in the market will allow your small business to change

and develop content before others in your industry do.

Lower Costs with Improved Service

In the long run, AI can change and lower the cost of labor spent in different

aspects of your small business by improving efficiency and freeing up time.

With improved service from this, you will also increase the likelihood of repeat

customers for your small business.

Boost in Creativity

AI programs can quickly find and create content that can then be developed

further into information that will work well for your business. This includes programs, such as Canva’s Magic Write© that creates outlines and summaries for topics. Your team will have fresh eyes for your projects while being inspired by what could be created.

Protect your Small Business

Using AI to assist your small business with social media content will reduce

the risk of data and quality of information being less than what it should be.

The data and information provided by decision-making AI, like that provided in content scheduling software, can protect your business from releasing information that could actually damage your business instead of helping it.

For small businesses, time is precious. Using AI to offload some of the burden by task management can help create an efficient space for the company to grow quickly without the sacrifice of the personal things that keep us all sane.

At the end of the day, your small business needs can be simplified without the need to look

very far for a solution. With the help of AI, you will be able to respond quickly to market changes, have lower costs with improved service, boost your company's creativity, and protect your assets.

At Ezer, we provide website and social media audits to help you know what is working and what isn’t. Contact us for more information about ways we can help to improve your small business!

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