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Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the best ways to sell a product or service, so take advantage of it! Here are four key things to pay attention to in order to satisfy the Pinterest algorithm:


Domain quality is measured by how many users click a page URL linked to a Pin and how long they stay on that page. Make sure to convert your Pinterest account to a business account and claim your website to ensure that all engagements will be considered for your domain quality. One great way to boost engagements is to use rich Pins that automatically sync information from your website to the Pin. There are four types of rich Pins: app, article, product and recipe. For example, posting a recipe rich Pin will add a title, serving size, cook time, and ingredients directly from your website.


Pin quality is a measurement Pinterest uses to assess the different ways that pinners react, or engage, with your Pins. Types of engagement measures include: saves, pin clicks, and outbound clicks. The Pinterest algorithm works first to show your new Pins to your followers. If your followers positively engage with your Pin, the algorithm will proceed to distribute the Pin to users in similar audiences. Pin with intention, using unique titles and images, keywords, and tall images over wide images. Therefore, make Pin content that will prompt engagement with a proper target audience, rather than a general public.


Pinner quality is about the creator, rather than the audience. Pinner quality refers to how much established credibility a creator has with Pinterest. Pinner quality is all about creating quality content consistently. This can be achieved by:

  • Posting consistently. Use content calendars to ensure you pin every week. It also takes off the stress of having to constantly remember and worry about posting every day.

  • Stay on top of trending content. Explore and research currently trending content to pin to your own board and attract viewers to your profile. You can also use this information to create trending content of your own.

  • Increase content sales. In addition to staying on top of trends, make sure to create Pins that are targeted at your audience and will resonate with them. Use Pinterest analytics to understand what type of content does best with your audience.

As you begin to establish more and more credibility with Pinterest, Pinterest will reward this and promote your content more.


The most important thing when it comes to being relevant and successful on Pinterest is keywords. Use keywords whenever possible in order to establish relevance. Keywords can be used in pin titles, pin descriptions, your bio, and within the pin image to help Pinterest know what your content is about and which search trends to show your content to. Use the search bar, Pinterest trends tool, and the Pinterest “today” section to research which keywords to use. Keep in mind the general things that can affect trending searches, such as the season and nearby holidays.

Focusing on improving and maintaining these four aspects of your Pinterest account will help you see growth. While the Pinterest algorithm changes a lot, these four fundamental factors will ensure that you stay in the loop.

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