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What is the Integrated or Omnichannel approach to marketing? In short, it means that your company is offering a uniform customer experience, no matter where a customer finds you. This strategy focuses on co-ordinating all of a company’s platforms including website, socials, email, and even a brick-and-mortar shop. Employing this approach makes your business seamless and cohesive across the board. This is especially important for small businesses. Here’s why!

  • 74% of successful businesses implement the omnichannel strategy, which means your competition is likely already doing this.

  • 67% of customers use multiple channels to complete a purchase.

  • 40% of customers say that they won’t do business with a company if they aren’t able to use their desired channel.


1. Enhance Customer Experience & Gain Loyalty

Creating the opportunity for your audience to reach you through social media, website, email, texting, and print is key. This ensures that the customer can use their favorite platform to get in touch with your business. When customers can interact with companies across multiple channels, this ultimately increases brand reliability and recognition. This also shows that you truly care about user experience, in turn gaining the loyalty and trust of your customers.

2. Customer Retention

When customers feel that your company is easily accessible and cohesive, they will be more likely to become returning customers. Your company will stand out among the rest of the competition. In fact, companies that embody the integrated marketing approach have 30% higher lifetime value than their competitors. Customers feel that they are getting the best service with a personalized touch, and therefore return to work with your business for their future needs.

3. Brand Recognition

Being on a multitude of platforms will increase your chance of reaching new customers, while spreading brand awareness. Since small businesses often struggle with brand recognition, this is a big benefit while gaining an edge on the competition. Your brand will be seen as dependable, showing that your company is genuine and thoughtful.

4. Customer Insight

When having a variety of platforms, you can gain valuable insight into customer mindsets and behavior. It’s advantageous to collect data from how they interacted with your channel. How long did they spend on your website? What were the comments left on your Instagram? Did they follow you on TikTok? Did the customer email or call to get in touch with your company? This information helps to evaluate the presentation of your company, and how to move forward with certain marketing and advertising tactics.

5. More Satisfied Customers

The integrated approach is a fast track to providing great customer service and helps gain potential customers as well. Having satisfied customers is what makes a business successful. It increases the flow of great customer reviews which increases the spread of positive word of mouth advertising. This is crucial knowing that 92% of consumers follow recommendations from friends and family over most forms of advertising.

Unsure about where to begin when implementing an integrated marketing approach? Ezer Digital Consulting has you covered. Contact us for a free consultation today!

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