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  • Halle McCarver

The Power of Personalization: Delivering Tailored Experiences to Your Customers

For small businesses, building customer loyalty is essential to growth. Personalization is a tool that you can use to engage your clientele and convert them to loyal customers. To better understand personalization, here are some benefits and strategies for implementing personalized marketing.

Benefits of Personalization

What is personalization? Personalization is when a brand uses customer data to break up its customer base into segments and create personalized marketing or experiences for each customer segment versus implementing one mass-marketing strategy for all customers. When personalizing the shopping experience, there is no one-size-fits-all for brands - almost all channels can be customized, including websites, mobile apps, email, social media, etc. Chances are that you have been on the receiving end of customization - just a few common ways brands implement customization are through product recommendations, personalized rewards, and mobile apps.

In an age when customers have the internet at their fingertips and so many options, it is increasingly difficult for e-commerce brands to stand out. Personalized e-commerce makes customers feel more connected to brands and, as a result, increases brand loyalty and engagement, which leads to repeat purchases and increased revenue. Personalized content as simple as using a customer's name or asking how they liked a recent purchase makes a positive impression on the brand and pushes that customer to choose the brand in the future. Once converted to a loyal customer, the brand can collect additional data to fine-tune content.

Here are just a few statistics highlighting the impact of personalization:

  • 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that provide relevant offers and recommendations (Accenture)

  • Personalized calls to action convert 202% better than standard CTAs (HubSpot)

  • Advanced personalization generates a $20 return for every $1 spent (Clickz)

Strategies for Implementation

Now you might be wondering - how do I get started? First, you need to collect customer data. Brands may collect relevant customer data ethically and without using a third party through product recommendation quizzes, newsletter sign-ups, membership communities, loyalty programs, surveys, and more. Once you have your data, begin by targeting your most loyal customers - the ROI is three times as much for regular customers as for mass marketing.

Amazon is an example of leveraging membership communities and surveys: Amazon Prime Wardrobe, available exclusively to members of the Amazon Prime community, uses a survey to collect feedback on customer styles, and then a team of stylists recommends various brands for shopping those styles on Amazon. Although you might not have an entire team of stylists, you can set up an automated quiz to provide recommendations tailored to your customers. Tools such as Klaviyo or TypeForm allow brands to create a quiz to more easily segment their customers and give a personalized experience, whether an email campaign, product recommendation, etc.

Personalized eCommerce may seem like a tall task; however, in 2023, many brands are leveraging automation and artificial intelligence to help with the process. There are many different ways that brands leverage AI for personalization - just a couple of examples include Nike and Netflix. Nike uses technology to drive personalized products by allowing customers to design their shoes online. Netflix uses AI to personalize its content - more than 80% of the series viewers watch come from recommendations. In both of these examples, these brands have leveraged technology to provide a personalized experience for the customer and grew their sales as a result.

By implementing personalization, you can help your customers feel more engaged and increase your bottom line. Personalization can take many shapes and forms, and Ezer Digital Consulting is here if you need help knowing where to start! Contact Us for a free consultation.


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